Awaiting the arrival of Baby No. 2

We are into the counting down by the days now! Am at the remaining 21 days to be exact. And that's the EDD for Baby No. 2, which by now could be weighing close to 3Kg (was 2.6kg three weeks ago). Things are slowly getting into place at home, except for...

[list type="arrow"]
[li]Packing of my hospital bag[/li]
[li]Getting and filling up the hospital admission forms from KKH[/li]
[li]Setting up baby's cot[/li]
[li]Getting an infant car seat (which will also be used as a rocker for home use)[/li]
[li]New bottle warmer[/li]
[li]New accessories for medela pump[/li]
[li]Still am considering whether or not to buy a new stroller that'll fit both my girls e.g. The City Select[/li]
[li]Mummy's personal stuff[/li]

The list above isn't much, but with my tummy getting heavier and legs swelling even more easily each time I walk, it's starting to feel like a chore moving about. Even getting my butt out from my office for lunch is a tiring affair. So I requested to walk from home from today onwards, so glad the bosses are supportive of this. *Feeling grateful*

I foresee this blog being neglected slow in posting for the next couple of weeks till I find time to post again. More updates will probably be found on my Facebook Page, so go LIKE it if you have not.

Till I have a chance to blog again, all the best to myself and my delivery!