Ayra's 1st Baby Day's Out with Ufamily

This year is Ayra's second National Day celebration. Last year, we didn't get to bring her to any of the mass celebration and the nearest we got was a family dinner at Marina Square on one of the preview shows, she heard the loud noises from the fly-by, gun salute and saw fireworks. Then she was 11 months young, and the loud noises frightened her.

This year, we are lucky to have a few options to choose from for 3 August preview and on the actual day this week. So yeah! Double NDP celebration on both weekends for us!

On preview day, we had 2 tickets to the NDP preview, but with 3 of us, we aren't allowed to enter without a ticket for Ayra. (Even babies in arms need to have a ticket to enter the parade!) So we picked up the NDP Fun Pack and headed over to Ufamily Baby's Day Out at The Lawn @ Marina Bay to continue with our 1st NDP celebration.

By the time we reached The Lawn, the place was already packed with lots of families and many started their picnic at 5.30pm. We settled ourselves on the steps behind the stage and got a clear view of the floating platform from where we were seated. We didn't prepare any picnic and only had the snacks and drinks from the NDP Fun Packs to munch on.

Though Ayra is almost two, she is still very much afraid of the sudden loud noises from the flying display and the fireworks. She clinched on to me tightly whenever the jets zipped past over our heads. During the fireworks, I had to cover her ears and she covering her eyes, while rocking her to assure her that everything is ok. She kept on crying despite all these done and when the whole display ended, she composed herself and declared "No more!". *flips*

Overall, Ayra enjoyed herself and had fun waving the flag, hi-5ing with the clapper from Baby's Day Out goodie bag and into the night, she was playing with the "longest" light stick of NDP the hip-hop way.

Towards the end of the show, just before the fireworks came on, Ayra managed to catch a ride on the mini carousel and choo choo train ride at Baby's Day Out. The queue for all the activities were super long from the start of the event, and only shortened out towards the end. At least she got to take some rides, else we would just be camping out for the fireworks at a massive celebration. A tad sad right? :P

It was a fun evening out for the family. And we're looking forward to Live telecast of the parade at Friday's celebration at the MBS Event Plaza or The Promenade @ Marina Bay!