My first attempt at Crêpe Cake

It's been awhile since I last stepped into the kitchen, so over the weekend I gathered ingredients from around the house and created a little mess in my kitchen!

Greenfields Milk Ingredients gathered include:
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  • 3 eggs

  • 1/8 teaspoon salt

  • 1 1/4 cups of Greenfields Fresh milk

  • 1 cup all purpose flour

  • 1/4 cup melted butter

  • 1 bar of white chocolate

  • 150gm of Pure cream


Preparation process took about 30 minutes, cooking time about an hour and I left the Crepe Cake overnight in the fridge, took out to settle for about 10 minutes before serving. The entire Crepe Cake making process was longer and more tiring than I had expected it to be. Going to be a long long time before I recreate this! (At least not when I'm a preggy!)

Here's the step-by-step guide to making the Crepe Cake...
Step 1
Beat eggs until smooth. Add in the milk and butter. Then sift the flour and salt gradually into the egg mixture. Beat until the batter is smooth. If time permits, let it rest for couple hours at room temperature before cooking.

Step 2
Grease the pan lightly with butter (don't need a lot as the batter is buttery enough) and heat until its hot. Pour batter into pan and spread the mixture quickly by rotating the pan. Add some milk if the batter seems too thick, and don't add too much batter, the crepe should be thin.

Step 3
Cook crepe until light brown, turn to the other side and cook it till light brown too. Remove from pan and let it to cool.
Continue to cook till the desired number of crepes for your cake.


This is the most tiring process, I stood in the kitchen for almost an hour just to get the crepes cooked. Oh my feet hurts just thinking about this!

Step 4
Put the white chocolate and pure cream into a microwavable bowl, heat it on low heat for 1-2 minutes. Watch the bubbling and reheat/ stop accordingly. Do not let the mixture get burned. Remove from microwave and mix the chocolate and cream till it is smooth. Let it cool before applying to the crepes.

Step 5
Spread the chocolate mixture over each layer of crepe, stacking one crepe above another. Try not to spread the mixture too close to the edge, chocolate will end up overflowing out from the sides.

Once done, leave the crepe cake in the fridge for few hours before serving it.

My final product looks like this...
Crepe Cake

Looks not bad right? :P

Greenfields Milk

I'm not shy to say that my Crepe Cake tasted pretty good, except its a tad too sweet lah the white chocolate. Should have added some strawberries to balance the sweetness. Still, my family and friends who tasted it said its not bad and they like the milky taste. Probably because I used Fresh Milk from Greenfields!

Greenfields produces Honest Milk that is fresh and safe. Their milk does not contain any additives, chemicals, antibiotics or hormones. Greenfields is basically pure natural honest milk. Their milk is produced, pasteurised and packed within the dairy and it is single-pasteruised, ensuring optimal freshness.

If you do read carefully the packaging of all the fresh milk available in the market, you will find that some brands claim to originate from Australia and then labelled as manufactured or packed in Indonesia, Thailand or Malaysia and finally imported to Singapore. From my personal research with Google, these milk claim to be from Australia but manufactured somewhere else, usually go through double-pasteurization in order to kill the bacteria that may have grown during manufacturing or packing after being imported from Australia.

The Milking Process

Based on wikipedia, pasteurisation is a process of making food stay fresh. Pasteurization kills dangerous bacterias, but it also destroys beneficial bacteria and other nutritious constituents. If the milk goes through double pasteurization, more beneficial bacteria is destroyed, right?

Greenfields Milk

Greenfields milk comes directly from Indonesia, from its integrated dairy farm based at Gunung Kawi, Malang, East Java and has over 6,000 Holstein cows that are ethically treated and scientifically managed to produce an average of 20 million litres of fresh milk a year. The dairy is of the highest quality and meets the world's toughest microbiological standards. Because of the integration of the farm and factory, the milk only goes through pasteurization once and is shipped to our stores!

Greenfields Milking Process

Because of this campaign, I discovered so much about the milk we drink and the need to read the labels in greater details before we make our purchases. From now on, I will encourage my family to give Greenfields milk a try instead. Not only does it taste great, it is an honest milk that is wholesome too!

Go check out this interactive page and learn more about Greenfields milk and what makes them call their dairy Honest Milk.

Greenfields Milk is available in Full Cream, Chocolate Malt, High Calcium Skimmed Milk and High Calcium Low Fat varieties. Available at most supermarkets at:
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  • $5.95 for 2 Litre bottle (except FairPrice),

  • $3.25 for a 1 litre pack (at all supermarkets) and

  • $1.50 for a pack of 200mL Greenfields Milk (only at 7-11)

This is a sponsored conversation with Greenfields Milk. All opinions, text and photos (except of Greenfields official logo, product photos and screenshots of their website) are my own.