Print Photos anywhere from Home with Canon Selphy CP900

I take a lot of photos. And I don't usually print any out in the past, till Ayra came into our life. Many photos were gone when my 1TB HDD died on me some years back, those memories now still unrecoverable with only few pieces left from blog and my flickr account. Now, I triple backup all my photos, kept the original in the original medium I took and stored them in and print out my favorites.

I have FOUR printers sitting in my work/craft/messy room and I try to set aside time at least once a month to go through all the photos taken the previous months to select, group, print and sort them out. Recently I got to try the new wireless Selphy from Canon. I own a ES40 Selphy and use it a lot. But with this wireless one, printing is even more convenient.

If there's no wifi connection available, you can also link up directly with the printer wirelessly. Very easy to setup and super easy to use.

After testing it for a week, I still feel it lacks the many features the ES40 gives. And because most of my printable photos are store in SD cards, I prefer to plug the card in and print from it. One thing that I like about the CP900 that doesn't come with the ES40 is the option to print these cute square stickers!

These are PERFECT for instagram photos! You can print all your favorite instapics anytime you want directly from your phone. Love it!

If you're looking for a photo printer that's portable and of good quality, give the Selphy printers a try.