Spending more time with my girl - A review of Drypers DryPantz

With our No. 2 coming soon, I've been showing Ayra photos of herself when she was a baby, telling her how much she has grown and soon will become a big sister. She's learning to call her little sister by her name and seems to understand a new baby will be joining our family soon. Seeing the photos of Ayra's growing up years brings back great memories and I can't wait to capture these memories with my No. 2.

Ayra is growing up to be a very active girl, she loves to boogee and jumps up and down on the sofa and bed. An active kid needs lots of mobility and a comfortable diaper that fits and give her greater ease to move about.

Drypers DryPantz Flexi-FitTM does just that.

Drypers DryPantz contains Activ-CoreTM which helps to quickly absorb urine and prevent flow-back to keep baby’s skin dry, healthy and extra comfortable.

With Drypers DryPantz, less time and energy were spent worrying about leakage and changing of diaper; more time were spent bonding with my girl and watching her grow and learn. The most rewarding moment was when I spent some quiet moment listening to her blabbering away on her own. All these time I thought she was just baby talking all the time and didn't pay much attention to her words. But this conversation she had on her own surprised me!

In her exact words...
Ayra wear shoe.
Ayra go kai kai. (shopping)
Ayra take bag go kai kai.
Bye bye!
(Pretends to unlock the main door with key)
Oh no its lock! Cannot.
Ayra open.
(Pretends to press an imaginative door bell beside the door)
Ayra go kai kai. Bye bye.

This girl of mine is really growing up too fast and it's a challenge for everyone in the family to catch up with her everyday growing and changing needs. Thanks to Drypers, we can now spend more quality time with her during her growing years.

Personally, I've tried many brands of diapers, from the cheapest in store to the premium brands. Drypers is a value-for-money diaper suitable for most babies and toddlers. If you have not tried the improved Drypers, go get your Free Samples via the Drypers Singapore facebook page under "Request Sample" tab. (Not viewable on mobile browsers).

Drypers DryPantz is suitable for babies aged 6 months and up. And comes with "XXL" size too!

This is Part 2 of a series of sponsored conversations on behalf of Drypers Singapore. All opinions, text and photos are my own.