Challenging but Fun Shoot at The Orange Studios

Before Zara popped, we had a tiring but fun session at The Orange Studios. Capturing photos of Ayra is one big challenge that I face all the time. When we got this opportunities for a studio shoot, I thought she might get intrigued by the new surroundings and different photographer and give us better shots. But I was so wrong! Capturing photos of toddlers this age (>2yo) is all about capturing the moments, don't expect a posed shot from them.

Looking at these selected photos, some might think they are all planned and posed shots, but it was really about good timing.

The photographer must be alert at all time and press the shutter at the right moments. A split second delay and the nice shot is gone. An hour session stretched to almost 2 hours, and during the entire shoot, this was what happened...

[list type="arrow"]
[li]To lighten the tension at the start of the shoot, we had to carry Ayra, swing her towards me, "throw" her into the air and dashed from point A to B; just so some shots can be done with her smiling/ laughing.[/li]
[li]Teddy bears were seen chasing Ayra all around the studio to make her laugh.[/li]
[li]Photographer was seen laying low, stretching high and bending himself all around to capture the right moments, with Ayra doing her own things at the studio. (Mostly she was trying to slide down the cured side of the wall, pretending she was at the playground.)[/li]
[li]The 38 weeks preggy mum had to carry her, piggyback her and even "hoop" (catch) her when she was swung towards me. These "stunts" aren't fun with such a big and heavy tummy you know![/li]

Family and friends can see the end products of all the above actions in mummy's flickr or private album on Facebook.

The whole experience was very tiring (also partly because I was under the weather that day) but it was great fun! It is all about being spontaneous and letting go. Ryan, the photographer, is friendly and helps a lot that he let us be ourselves. No weird posture to get the right angle for the shot, no impossible stunt requests, no "look here and smile" kind of instructions. His way of shoot is to make one comfortable with the surroundings and do simple things to capture the moments.

If you are planning for a simple, clean and fun shoot at a studio for your family or even friends, check out Orange Studios. Quote "The Loving Mum" and receive a $150 discount, which is applicable to their package rates. The photoshoot booking must be made within 1 month from the date of this blog post. And the scheduled shoot have got to be within 2 months from the date of this blog post.

Thank you Ryan and Wini for the fun session and precious family photos. These photos go into our annual family photobook for 2013.