Experience with my Gynecologist, A/Prof John Tee of KKH

Having gone through two pregnancies each with a different way of birth, I personally felt that one is more preferred than the other. Sharing my personal experience with natural birth (induced) for my first child and an elected cesarean section due to placenta praevia for my second. I'll be sharing more about my experiences on the birth processes in another post.

For both my pregnancies, I had A/Prof John Tee Chee Seng from KKH as my gynecologist. He is a senior consultant and the charges is higher for all consultations and procedures right from the first visit. My routine checkups were done at the KKH Satellite Clinic at Blk 721 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8. A/Prof John Tee is very professional and I believe many who are under his care will agree that he is a man of few words.

My check-ups at KKH Satellite Clinic with A/Prof John Tee have always been short and to the point. Do be prepared to wait for 45 minutes to an hour after you register, despite having an appointment. Say your appointment is at 5.30pm (and even when I arrive 20 minutes before, there would already be a queue before me), you'll usually see the doctor around 6.30pm and you'll be out of his room in less than 10 minutes.

Here's a brief recount of what to expect at a check-up:

A routine check will be done by the nurse after you register. You will have to do the urine test, take your blood pressure and weight. There after you can usually go for your dinner while waiting for your turn to see the doctor.

In the doctor's room, first thing he usually do is check which week of pregnancy you're in, and then your previous visit's record. Then you'll be asked to lay down where he will do the ultra-scan of your womb. A snap shot or two will be captured and printed for your keeping. If all is well and good, he will prescribed some vitamins and you'll be out waiting for payment and making your next visit's appointment.

A/Prof John Tee was very professional when handling both my birth process. For natural birth, he checks in once every few hours on delivery day and he will be able to give quite a close estimate on when the baby will want to come out! At least he got mine right! "She'll be out in less than 45 minutes..." and within the next 30 minutes, Ayra was out in this world. He handles the delivery and stitching well, and I recovered on the next day after my natural birth.

For my cesarean section, the process was fast and professional. He ensured that I know what was going to happen next, except when my placenta lost too much blood after the baby was out cos he was concentrating on the emergency on-hand. The opening for my c-sect was very low and the stitching was very clean and nice. That's what most Mummies want to know right? Whether or not the cut will be obvious after a c-sect. Well, if you are going under the knife with A/Prof John Tee, then rest assured it'll be very nicely done.

I'm very happy with both my experiences with A/Prof John Tee. Though I know he will not (and never had) remember my name nor whether I had a boy or a girl, but his professionalism as a Gynecologist is worth sharing.

Thank you A/Prof John Tee and the nurses I met during my stay at KKH Ward 81/82. All of you made the delivering of both my girls a very comfortable one. If I ever have a third, I'll surely be back.