Razack's Seafood Kitchen

To satisfy my Dim Sum craving, I went to try out this old school kitchen along Changi Road, serving Cantonese and Sichuan style halal food. They serve Dim Sum all day!


If you drive past Changi Road often, this makan place could be missed easily. It is neither welcoming nor attractive enough to lure you in to try their food. But we have no regrets, and will go back for Dim Sum whenever we have cravings for it.


When was the last time you seen such menus? Old school can?! The last I saw something similar is when we were in Hong Kong. Even zhi char stalls at coffee shops have nicer looking menu.

The auntie mending the place, I presumed she's one of the owner, was very friendly and she speaks super fast and in Cantonese! She will pull a chair and sit next to you when taking your order. Very cute auntie. She speaks decent English too, but she choose to speak to me in Cantonese. Luckily my experiences from traveling to Hong Kong helped me picked up simple words and conversational phrases. Though not accurate, but still understandable I guess. LOL!

For dinner that day, we had...


Unlimited supply of chillis! LOL! They welcome you to help yourself to as much sambal, chopped red and green chilli or chilli sauce.

Besides chilli, we tried most of their available Dim Sum options for that day. There was the Cantonese Rice Dumpling aka Bar Chang. This is filled with chicken meat, egg yolk, mushroom and chestnut. Just like how my Grandma would have done it. But personally I still love the taste of Bar Chang and Nyonya Chang handmade by my grandma. This was a tad too dry and lack of flavor for my liking.

Fried beancurd skin chicken/prawn wrap was good, crispy and taste great. It was served pipping hot fresh from the pan. Will surely order it the next round.


Fried fish sticks was also served pipping hot and the inside filled with decent fresh fish. Dipped with the sweet thai chilli sauce, lovely crunch!

Then come the steamed Dim Sums...


We had prawn dumplings (Har Gao), Beef wrapped Zhu Cheong Fun and this Chicken filled Tau Pok.

My favorite from the above is the Har Gao. Handmade skin that's soft and melt in the mouth with fresh crunchy prawn. I can eat 2 servings of this! The other two were decent. I prefer my Zhu Cheong Fun plain with sweet sauce and tao pok was not quite my kind of food. Still they were yummy.



Of course their Dim Sum cannot compare with those served at Tim Ho Wan or any of the famous Dim Sum restaurants, but for Halal Dim Sum, I have to say theirs are comparable and one of the better one I tried.


Perhaps one day we will go back to try their seafood dishes too.

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324F Changi Road
Closed every Tuesday[/box]