Tang Tea House (Jalan Kayu)

Was super excited when I first learned about the opening of Tang Tea House at Jalan Kayu from my Facebook feed! Thanks Kassidy for the post! :P Now we can finally satisfy my weird once-in-a-blue-moon dim sum craving near our house and in comfort of air con cafe!

We used to have to drive to Bedok area to get decent Halal Dim Sum, now its just a 5 mins drive from our place. Run by the same people from the Bedok branch, Tang Tea House has got pretty decent Dim Sum to satisfy those cravings. And the best part is they have my favorite Golden Sand Pau!

If you don't know what Golden Sand Pau is, you must sooo sooo go try it! Imagine steaming hot custard with salted egg york oozing out from soft pau! slurps! This must be eaten immediately when served; leave it to cool even a little and it won't taste as good. 3 pieces of these Pau cost $4.00.

I tried their Roasted Chicken Noodle ($5.20) too and it was alright. I like any noodle that's made of these springy egg noodle.

A Must-have for me is the Super Cooler!!! Love this drink, though its just simple coconut juice with wheatgrass syrup and coconut flesh. But I love it! As the name suggests, its cooling and thirst quenching! Not cheap though at $3.80 per glass, and doesn't help I usually require two glasses at each visit!

We are surely going back to Jalan Kayu often now that they have more than just indian food and pratas! We can have Dim Sum too! Yeah!

[box type="1" class="rounded-5 shadow" width="480"]Tang Tea House Hong Kong Cafe
No. 242 Jalan Kayu
Singapore 799466
Tel: 64832298/ 64832284
(Located where Mad Jack used to be along Jalan Kayu)[/box]