An Electric Breastpump that doesn't hurt your wallet

It has been three months now since the day I started expressing for Zara. When I had Ayra two years ago, I was using a single electric (manual pump convertible) breastpump which burned quite a hole in my wallet but yet only lasted me for less than 2 months as I stopped lactating after. So when I was planning for my second baby, I wasn't sure if I should invest in another pump; what if I don't need it again after 2 months? So I borrowed the pump from a friend and bought new bottles and parts to use. After a week, I realized I should last longer than before, so I invested in a second hand pump which still cost me $300+ (brand new at almost $600!). Of course there are the manual pumps which is less than half the price, manual pumps however is very tiring to use, having to push the lever for 30 minutes each time is no joke.

If you are considering getting a manual pump due to budget constrain, you might want to check out the Electric Breast Pump by Apre Baby, available on my LIFE INC. It is small and compact and less tiring to use as compared to a manual breast pump. It runs on both direct electric power and batteries.

The pump unit with the bottle is small and compact. Great for on-the-go expressing for working mums. And there is an additional attachment screw where you can fit wide-neck bottles too e.g. Avent Natural Bottles. The slim-neck screw fits most slim-neck bottles e.g. Pigeon Bottles.

Operating the pump is fairly simple. Switch it to ON and the pump will start the suction, you can control the suction strength with the turn-dial. The manual part of this pump is that you will need to push the button as shown below to release the suction. This is very important! I didn't read the instruction before using it and had quite a painful experience as I didn't know what I was doing! So the pump should suck and you push to release - suck - push to release - suck - push release. Got it?

The power supply that comes with it is not the standard local plug. You'll need an additional adapter to use it. The adapter does not come with the pump.

For on-the-go use, just put in two AA batteries and you'll be good to go.

Overall the pump works ok for me as I am too used to my Medela Freestyle which does everything for me once I got it set to my desired setting. But I believe the Apre Baby Electric Breast Pump will make expressing easier for those mums who are using the manual pumps.

For more details and purchase of this breast pump, please go to Electric Breast Pump by Apre Baby on my LIFE INC.

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