Ayra's first formal class was at a gym

I had always wanted to bring her for classes but never had the time to. Since she will be starting Playgroup in January, I wanted to see how she'll behave in a class. So Ayra attended her first formal class at mygym, it was a trial session. A first for both of us, and I think its going to be quite a challenge come 2 January 2014 on her first day of playgroup class! *sweat*

The session at MyGym (Tampines branch) was quite an experience for us. There were so many activities that were carried out within the hour. Each lasting not more than 15 minutes to fit the kids' short attention span. Every activity has got its own setup and props. In between switching of activities, the kids got to run around freely and play at the various corners around the spacious hall.

Ayra was the only newbie in the session that day and she was held as an assistant for a parent-child activity demo. She was too shocked to react to what was happening, the teacher carried her, rolled with her and did a flip-around too. Ayra didn't cry nor scream, just quietly let the teacher do whatever she was doing. Too stunned to react I think. LOL!

Ayra didn't do all the activities and stations as she was a little too timid to try the more "adventurous" stunts. But the teachers were very encouraging, and kept inviting her to try out; very friendly and child-loving ladies we had at our sessions.

And this girl also met a new friend whom she shared a ball with, ran around with and ride the "magic flying carpet" with. So cute seeing her interact with other kids.

There was also her favorite bubble time towards the end of the session. I think this was the happiest moment for her cause she love catching bubbles!

Overall the trial session was an enjoyable one. I did plan to sign-up for such classes for Ayra few months back before I started maternity. But when Zara is here, things just got kinda hectic, and these classes for Ayra's age all required Parents to be involved. With Playgroup starting in January and me back at work then, such classes will probably not be happening "full-time" for Ayra. But whenever possible, I do hope to bring her for more trial or short-term classes for some mother-daughter bonding.

For those staying in the West, MyGym will be opening up a new outlet at Westgate Mall (#04-39)! Yes, the mall where you can "dump" your child at their rooftop playground and do some me-time shopping. *rolleyes* I hope to find time to pop by this outlet when they open on 2 December 2013.

Find out more about MyGym on their website.