Canon Pixma Workshop with Ayra

It was our first family outing at a massive public crafting workshop. And together with participants at Get Creative with Canon Pixma workshop, we made it into the Singapore Book of Records! What a way to spend an afternoon of fun together as a family.

On 23 November 2013, at Suntec Convention & Exhibition Hall 324 - 326, 193 of us made calendars together! When have you ever been part of such a huge crafting session? The most I had before was with 8 others in a scrapbooking workshop. 193 crafting together at the same time is so fun! The session - Safari Animal Paper Craft Workshop with Canon Pixma workshop was an enjoyable one for the 2yo Ayra too. It was her first public event where she got to do some hands-on craft work and she got to use the kids-safe-scissors for the first time. And it was a stressful time for Mummy, afraid she'll poke or cut herself or people sitting beside her! She needs more practice before she could be left alone with this crafting tool.

The workshop was fun, hosts Joanne and Johnny were very good with children, all of the kids went crazy interacting with the hosts. They came by to Ayra too to ask her a few questions, as usual this baby girl is too shy to react and just remained as still as she could during the "interview". Mummy was too busy trying to make Ayra be less shy and forgot to ask for a photo with the two hosts!

Anyway, during the workshop, we created Safari Animal Calendar and 3D Animal craft! You can download the templates at the following link from Canon Creative Park...

Why not try these simple activities out with your kiddos during the school holiday? It's simple and won't burn a hole in your wallet! All you need are basic craft tools, papers and Canon Pixma Printer!

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