Fruity Goodness for the Kids

Ayra is a very picky eater. She prefers the unhealthy snacks like chips, cookies, fried crispy stuff and sweet drinks. I blame us adults for giving in to her requests for food, also because she doesn't want to eat the proper meals we've been trying every day since she was 6 months young. When we received a set of fruity treats from Zespri, I tried to encourage Ayra to try some kiwis with Zespri cute stickers and plushies.

The goodies that the folks from Zespri sent were bright and cheerful. Ayra was attracted to them when she saw these on her table. And so I thought she'll be tempted to taste the kiwifruits too!

While I try to let her get a taste of the sweet kiwifruits (and attempting to snap photos of her in action at the same time), she stuck the cute stickers in her sticker album.

When she was done sticking them but I didn't manage to put anything into her mouth!

So I tried using the temporary tattoo. This girl is very particular with anything dirty on her hands, but she still tried on the tattoo. Soon after I snapped this shot of her, she cried and demanded it to be cleaned off immediately! Funny lah! She was so excited when I put it on her, and when she realized she cannot peel it off like stickers, she cried.

After all the coaxing and attempts, this girl still refuses to open her mouth for Zespri kiwifruit nor any other soft fruits like the bananas, papaya and melons. Looks like it's going to take more than just cute stickers to get this girl to try new (none crispy) food!

So what happened to all the kiwi goodness sent? All inside Mummy's tummy cause I love kiwis! Especially the golden ones! So sweet and yummy! :P