Hi-5 House Party Show in Singapore

Our baby girl loves Hi-5! She has been watching and grooving to Hi-5 songs on TV and on Youtube since the day she could sit up on her own (at around 9 months). And she was dancing and singing in the cinema when we brought her to watch Hi-5 Some Kind of Wonderful! We love it when she dances and enjoys herself with Hi-5.

Just watch her more recent grooves with tunes from Hi-5!

Because she loves dancing and Hi-5 so much, we are bringing her to watch her first Hi-5 LIVE show at Marina Bay Sands in December! Tickets aren't cheap though. There are few giveaways going on now, but trying to win them online is going to be super challenging and pure luck. So I purchased them anyway and we can't wait for 22 December to come! The Hi-5 gang will perform her favorite tunes - L.O.V.E, Ready or Not and Wish Upon a Star.


So Hi-5 House Party we are coming!

Tickets and more details up at Marina Bay Sands website.