Life would be happier without the smart phones and tablets

We are slaves to technology.

Our eyes are exposed to more bad readings when we check our phones (reading, checking emails, playing games, watching videos etc) before we sleep and before we get out of bed. Our necks get strained from looking down our phones or tablets while commuting in the train and bus. Our fingers get cramps from too much (and too fast) touch typing on the tiny keyboard on these gadgets. And our child is getting exposed to all these at an even younger age than us!

Is this good or bad?

How would our life be happier without all the above? Without the smart phones and the tablets, our life would be happier because...

Our eyes will have more time to look at our love ones during dinner time (and for once pay attention to what we are eating!),
Our sight will be happier when we look out the window, enjoying view of our clean and green city during our bus rides,
Our hands will be happier holding to our love ones, stroking our child's soft hair,
Our mind will get to rest more and think about the happy things to do with our family,
Our children will get to spend more real quality time bonding with us playing LEGO, masak masak and more (without the need for a touch screen gadget),
Our lives will be filled with so much more things we once enjoyed before these evil shiny gadgets came into it.

I am and will always be a slave to technology and new shiny evil gadgets, but I will do my best to put them away when I'm dining with my love ones, when I'm spending time with my girls and when I'm out enjoying with my friends.

I will instagram lesser (with more #latergram), do less stalking of friends on Facebook, play lesser Triple Town and if necessary, switch off the phone and tablets more often.

Children (of any age) model after their parents and others around them. If you don't want them to get stuck to the gadgets, then you too should stop doing so. Put the mobile phones and tablets away when you are home, set time aside to spend time with your kids. Try not to touch your gadgets during dinner or when commuting. Do what you want your kids to do.