The things you buy and never used

Are you the kind of person who buy things on impulse? Or think that you'll use something when you are buying and then end up never touching it after you bought it home? Well I am one of those that falls quite easily into the trap set by good salesperson. One of those big ticket items I bought and rarely used is a big bulky vacuum cum dust mite buster, the $3K+ Delphin Water Vacuum Cleaner. This expensive machine is under utilized, the only person using it now is my PT cleaner who uses it to vacuum once a week. Main reason I bought that was to clean the mattresses to remove dust mites once every two months, well it did happen in the first few months, thereafter everyone in the household just got lazy and didn't do it anymore.

This $3K could have been better used and stretched for at least 5 years if I had known about De Hygienique's services. At less than $600 a year, I could have professionals do the cleaning of my mattresses at home every six months!

De Hygienique is Singapore's leading soft furnishings cleaning company, they specialized in mattress cleaning, sofa cleaning and carpet cleaning, using state-of-the-art dry cleaning technologies from Europe.

We are very happy with our first cleaning session with De Hygienique. The cleaning professionals who came were friendly and they explained the process in details ensuring we know what is being done and used on our mattresses before they started work. The demonstration of the mattress cleaning system is very similar to what I saw with the Delphin salesperson's demo. The result on the black cloth shows dust and waste particles that were sucked up from deep inside our mattress.

The above shows the amount of dust collected in just less than a minute of cleaning a small portion of our less than 1 year old mattress!

Delphin cleaning system Vs De Hygienqiue mattress cleaning system

  • De Hygienqiue system has the entire weight of the machine on the mattress hence able to penetrate deeper into the mattress to suck up more dust particles. Delphin system needs a lot of strength from the user to push down the vacuum head to reach deeper.

  • De Hygienqiue system has an additional UV light attached to the front of the machine, sending an intensive germicidal Ultra Violet (UV-C) radiation into the mattress to kill bacteria, viruses and spores that grow on it. This is a similar chemical free disinfecting method used in medical field. So you know it is safe for your kids and babies too!

  • The mattress is being cleaned on both sides by the professionals. We will never flip it over to clean if we were to use the Delphin on our own! King size deep pocket mattress weighs a lot, three strong men were needed to flip it over can!

At the end of the Dry Cleaning with the machine, Potema Spray (mixture of alcohol and special pressed orange oil) is then applied on the surface to protect the mattress against micro organism and re-infestation of dust mites. This spray drys immediately, but it was recommended for the mattresses to be aired for 3-5 minutes to let the zesty smell evaporate before new sheets are laid on it.

Potema Spray vs Febreze

The first thing that came to mind when the guy mentioned a mattress spray, Febreze came to mind, as I have a bottle sitting in the kitchen (another thing I bought and never used). After some research, I found the difference is that Febreze only helps eliminate odor. And from personal experience, it leaves yellowish patches on the mattress/cushions after a period of time! For proper sanitizing, Potema Spray is better. Wonder if they sell them in stores?

Having gone through this first round of mattress cleaning with De Hygienique, I am completely satisfied with it and have already scheduled a reminder for a next appointment in my calendar in 6 months time.

Promotion Alert!

Get 10% off your service fees with De Hygienique! To enjoy the promotion, appointment bookings must be made by 30th November 2013. Just have to inform their Customer Service when booking appointment, that you got to know about De Hygienique through The Loving Mum blog.

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The Loving Mum received the first cleaning session with De Hygienique with their compliments for purpose of writing this review. All thoughts and reviews written in this post are personal.