Ayra's adventure at office of my LIFE INC

The world to a 2yo usually includes the home and some playgrounds. So when Ayra got a chance to step into an office, she was rather amused at the many rooms, tables and chairs. The environment was just one that she had never seen. And with the many fun things on the tables in the rooms, she just got to get into her exploration mode.

We had a chance to check out the office of my LIFE INC during their recent media launch event. my LIFE INC is a subsidiary of Eu Yan Sang International, a leading healthcare and wellness company in Asia. The team curate and bring the best products from around the world which they personally love and would use. They have products suitable for men, ladies, kids and even pets!

Now, let Ayra bring you through what she did at their office...

She tried using a chopstick for the first time and with some very difficult objects to pick up. Though she didn't manage to pick any of the slippery marbles, she had fun cheering me on as I tried to pick these up as fast as I could in a mini competition amongst the other bloggers.

Then Ayra saw this huge thinggy sitting at the side of the table... "What is this?"

"Is this a hairdryer?"

"Or is this a phone?"

Well, she was closed! This huge thinggy is a XL desktop speaker available on my LIFE INC.

Next I tried this chest rub on Ayra. We both love the smell and calming effect after a good rub on the chest and neck.

We also tried the massage oil from the same range. This is my favorite! Same great smell and it doesn't leave a greasy after effect when rubbed onto the skin. This massage oil has given us a new routine before bedtime. Instead of just a quick massage like how Ayra always love, she now request for massage with oil! This girl sure knows how to pamper herself at such young age!

After exploring the different rooms, we ended up in the best room of the night! The makan room! This was also the room we spent most of our evening at, munching and savoring the many organic goodness. Ayra definitely love this room the most. She couldn't stop asking for more snacks! Since everything on display were healthy snacks, I didn't stop her from trying whatever she wanted.

And our favorite is this super duper yummy Cashew-Cacao Clusters! We can finish the entire pop in a day! Guilt free yummy pressure! MUST GO ORDER ONLINE NOW!

It was a great evening of fun and wholesome yummilicious snacks at my LIFE INC launch event. Thanks Monica and team for the great hospitality!

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