Christmas Gift Idea - Handmade Photo Display Album

Here's a quick and easy personalized gift you can create for your family and friends this Christmas! It is so easy, you can make one in less than an hour, and the more you make, the easier and faster you'll get. And this will not look shabby at all, in fact, the receiver will love it very much I'm sure.

Personalized Handmade Photo Display Album

You can call this a mini album or a photo display, because this album opens up and stands well on its own on your desk or shelf. Ideal replacement for the boring photo frame you get in store. And to make this, you'll need some crafting tools, pattern paper, photos and a little creativity. (Or you can just copy improvise with the sample in this post!)

Materials and tools you will need as follow:

  1. 4 printed 4R photos - I printed these photos with borders downloadable from the Canon Creative Park and with little help with Photoshop (layering and resizing of photo), I then printed them with my Canon Pixma printer on Canon Premium Semi-gloss Photo Paper.

  2. Pattern papers, washi tapes and embellishments - Since I've got many scrapbooking materials at home, I just grab some and used them. Alternatively you can use the kits on Canon Creative Park too.

  3. Tape glue or any strong adhesive

  4. Paper cutter, scissors or pen-knife

  5. Chipboard to make the covers

With the downloadable photo frames, I insert my photos in Photoshop in another layer below the png file. It is fairly simple to do if you are familiar with Photoshop. And these frames add a nice decorative effect for your album pages too. No need to add-on much things inside.

To make the pages of the album, you will need to cut the 12 x 12 plain cardstock paper into halves to get 2 pieces of 12 x 6, and then fold them at the 4" and 8" mark. Cut away one 4" length from one of the pieces so you get the following as shown below. Create an accordion folded pages by pasting 2 of the pages together as shown.

For the covers, I simply cut out 2 pieces of 4 x 6 chipboard and wrap them up with 6 x 6 pattern paper. As the top and bottom isn't wrapped up by the paper, I use washi tape to add a smoother finish to the top and bottom of the chipboard covers.

Once that's done, you'll just need to past the two ends of your pages to the covers. And decorate the cover with some embellishments, add a title and you're almost done.

The final step is to paste your printed photos into the 4 pages in the album!

Simple isn't it? I took about 30 minutes to complete this album. Give this a try and once you are done with the first one, you'll be itching to create more! This album makes a more personalized gift and surely more memorable than a Christmas card don't you think so?

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