Don't want to say goodbye

When she was just a baby, it was me who find it hard to say goodbye. And at 26 months, Ayra is having the same difficulty to say goodbye when we part. Why is this routine so hard to get used to?

When I started going back to working in an office in Feb this year, Ayra moved to stay with my mum. We visit her after work on Wednesdays and have her home with us for the weekends. She got used to this routine fairly quick and did not show any sign of unhappiness. All went well with this routine until she became a sister.

With the arrival of Zara, she stayed over with my mum at our place during the month of confinement. She was delighted as she get to spend time at our home with mummy around everyday. The first few weeks were rough as she wasn't used to sharing her mum with someone else. She threw tantrums and had melt downs. Eventually she got better, though till today there will still be moments of jealousy when we show affection to the baby.

During the four months of maternity, I try to spend as much time as I can with Ayra. I bring her out to play, catch Christmas shows in malls and for media events. Most weekends we will spend time playing at home with her favorite toys and activities. But as I am unable to look after both girls overnight, Ayra has to go back to my parent's place at night. These are the times when goodbye is almost never said.

Ayra started refusing to bid goodbye to us when we send her to my parent's place. Her expression changes and the happy toddler just turned into this mature girl filled with emotions; with the look that pains my heart. She would not even want to turn back to look at us when we leave my parent's place with her. At such a young age and she already show such emotional character, I hope this phase will past when she starts school in January 2014.

Come Monday night, our two baby girls will switch - with Zara staying over at my parent's and Ayra back home with us. With Ayra starting Playgroup on 2 Jan and me heading back to work again soon, time with the two girls together with me is going to be rare. Every moment shared together will be so so precious.