Giving baby milk at the right temperature + A Giveaway!

Before feeding we were told to ensure that the milk is not too hot for the baby. Many does the "drip-on-back-of-hand-to-test" method, or "use-my-palm-and-feel-the-bottle" method to test the temperature. Sometimes, we thought the temperature is just right, but our baby rejected and cried out loud, cause she has burned her tongue!

Doesn't the above scenario sound familiar to you?

With the help of these color changing bottle sleeves, we can now be sure that the milk is just right for feeding.

These are high-tempered borosilicate glass bottles which are safe, reliable, durable, washable and 100% BPA Free. They come with removable silicone sleeves that change color and turn white when the liquid inside reaches 42 degrees Celsius or above. So you know the milk is too hot for the baby.

Personally I find them especially useful for breastmilk feeding cos we cannot control how much hot/lukewarm water to add like when making formula milk. For breastmilk, we heat it up in bottle warmers and sometimes we leave it in there for too long, baby cry and you just hurriedly take it out and feed, sometimes forgetting to check the temperature before feeding. With these color changing sleeves, we know for sure if the milk is too hot (sleeves turn white/ pale in color).

What I love even more is that these bottles can be purchased online! No need to leave the house to get them and yes I can be lazy like that! Online shopping is just so much more convenient for me since I become a mum.

But you know what's the most exciting part? I've got a set of these Cherub Baby Color Change Glass Bottles to giveaway! On top of the bottles, the winner will also receive a bod for buds cowboys and itchy bums cream. Total value more than $60. Complete the below tasks to enter into this giveaway now!

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