The Most Expensive Ride Home in Singapore

How much would you pay for a ride home on a heavy downpour night with your kids in tow? Well I paid over hundred bucks for it! :(

It was pouring super heavily last night and I was out alone with Ayra at Orchard for a media Xmas gathering. Silly me must be too idealistic thinking we could easily get a cab at night.

I was sooo wrong!

After 6 failed attempts to get a cab, and with Ayra getting exhausted from all the fun she had earlier, my only option then was to call for an uber. My first two rides with uber cost between $40 to $70 and so I thought this ride home from Orchard will be at the same range.

Uber Ride 17 Dec 2013

I fell off the chair when I saw the final amount charged to my card at the end of the ride! A whooping $154!!!! And I recall the rate as 2.5 times and not what I had assumed as 2.5%!


I should have just drove to town instead. Or I should have left the car at home so I could activate hub to pick us up. I could have called my brother to drive us home. I could have... ...

Oh well. Lesson learned. Never proceed with an uber booking if the surcharge is more than 1.5 times.

I first learned about Uber about a year ago and used their service when I was in a hurry and no cab was available. I enjoy all my rides with them and in desprate times, a $60 cab fare seems alright. But a $154 ride is just so unexpected.

I hope i will never have any more of such desperation again.