Baby Zara from 1 to 5 months

Our second precious girl has grown so much over 5 months, from a tiny baby who grew almost double in size from birth in 3 months. She can hardly fit into her elder sister's clothes from the 6 to 12 months range! She needs lose pants and t-shirts as Zara has got chunky arms and thighs. Not sure if its due to the breast milk (still drinking now) or the formulae milk (Nan Pro 1 which we started rotating with BM since birth). Her elder sister was on S26 and then Mamil Gold during the first 6 months, with only slightly more than a month supply of breast milk.

Here's Baby Zara from 1 month to 5 months...

So so so so love this baby girl. I wish I had more time to spend with her. Due to work, I only get to see her few times a week and on some weekends we get to share the same bed. As compared to her elder sister, I'm spending so so much lesser time with her at this stage of her life. Saddens me I have to miss her milestones and not see how much she learn and grow everyday. Grow well and strong Zara! Mummy loves you very much!