Play at The Petite Park City Square Mall

The Petite Park

First saw this new opening at City Square Mall when I was there for a site recce for an event and I knew one day I'll be in there playing with Ayra. And there we were the following week!

As per its name, it is small and attractively dainty

We'd been to their other outlet at Changi City Point once and as expected, this place has about the same attractions with a few new ones, like the inflated jumping castle, merry-go-round and a corner for private parties.

Practicing her fine motor skill with cake toppings

As Ayra isn't the adventurous kid yet, this indoor playground suits her. Little climbing and more pretend play. She's happy as long as there's a house for her to enter and kitchen sets for her to play.

Making some noise music

Chasing and catching some balloons

Riding in circle

City Square Mall just became an even more attractive shopping mall for family with kids!

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City Square Mall