Lela the Baby Gum Soother

At 5 months, Zara is starting to grab everything within her reach. And no matter what she grab, it is stuffed straight into her mouth. She loves pulling in and out her pacifier and teether to rub her gums. When Ayra was little, she got Sophie the giraffe, and now for Zara, she's got Lela the deer.

Comparing the two teethers, personally I find Lela the deer more suitable for babies.

  • Lela is smaller and easier for tiny hands to hold.

  • Lela's neck is shorter and so baby is able to hold the legs and still able to bite on the head with ease.

  • Zara could bite the ears and tails of Lela, instead of just the legs of Sophia for Ayra.

  • Also uses 100% natural rubber and food grade dye, she is also BPA and phthalate-free.

Zara loves chewing on Lela and by the time she's done with her, Lela the deer will be covered with saliva! *ewwwwww*

Note: The Sophie Ayra was using may not be the one available in stores now. They seemed to have changed the design and is now smaller. Above comparison is based on the experiences between the two teethers which we had.