Soopsori - Premium Wooden Toys for Babies and Toddlers

When I first saw Soopsori online, I questioned what's so great about these wooden toys that they demand such high pricing.

Soopsori products are made and finished with natural wood and oil without any chemical coating or paint. It is eco-friendly premium wooden products. They believe in healthy living environment by providing comfortable furniture that coexist with nature. Over time, the wooden furniture becomes more fashionable and provides positive energy to people and mix well with the environment. Soopsori selects 20 kind of natural wood around the world to create natural color and pattern that brings out the most natural feel to their products. Natural wood has anti-bacterial effect that can help atopy.[/box]

No chemical and coating on natural wood? My next question is how will these will be smooth enough for my kids to play and use? All my doubts answered when I saw, touched, felt and smelt Soopsori in person! (And I'm THAT close to trying to give those wooden blocks a bite!)

Soopsori furniture and toys are designed and made in Korea (some furniture from their own factory in China). Quality of their product is top notch. I've seen many wooden toys and Soopsori is one of the more premiums and well made ones, and their toys all encourages learning through play.

One of the furniture which impressed me a lot is their wooden baby bed. One bed, multiple use! If only my baby cot could transform to so many variations.

[image type="bottom" align="center" width="500" caption="Use the bed as it is, a baby cot."]Wooden Baby Bed[/image]

[image type="bottom" align="center" width="500" caption="When the baby out grown the cot, transform it into a table and chairs set for the family!"]Table and chair transformed[/image]

[image type="bottom" align="center" width="500" caption="And when the table and chairs set is no longer required, use it for storage and display!"][/image]

This one-time investment can be used for many years ahead. I love it!

Match this Soopsori wooden baby bed with their new addition to their product range, fabric cushion and dolls which were on display at IFFS. I love their vibrant colors! Great match to their natural wood furniture.

[box type="1"]Check out Soopsori at the International Furniture Fair Singapore 2014 at Singapore Expo Hall 6 which is open to public on 16 March from 12pm to 5pm. [/box]