Online Shopping for the Busy Mums

I am obsessed! I am an on-line shopaholic!

Since I was pregnant with my first child, going out to shop for things became kinda like a chore. Then was due to the heavy tummy and sore legs, now being a working mum of two, going out is even more of a challenge. My family and I have since became obsessive on-line shoppers. Sharing some of our frequently used online stores in this post, and I hope this will help fellow busy mums like myself bring back a little sanity into our busy and packed life.

For Books and Reading Pleasure

I stock up on story books, activity books and fun books at home, hoping to encourage Ayra to pick up the love for books instead of focusing too much on YouTube videos. NoQStore is just one of the many online book store we purchased from. One plus point is they provide free delivery for orders above $25 in Singapore. But delivery takes up to 14 days after placing the order. If you know the titles you want to purchase, this is one of the place to go.

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For Groceries and Necessities

For the monthly necessities for the household, we get them from RedMart. Love the entire shopping experience on desktop and on our mobile. If you have never heard about them yet, please go check them out now! Price of items are comparable with those from major supermarkets, but you save yourself time and effort from having to go pick up the items, make payment and then lug those heavy bags of detergent, laundry softeners and toilet rolls home!

For Fashion and Accessories

On days when I feel like I need to refresh my wardrobe and shoe cabinet a little, I go to the list of websites below. Always have your measurement ready for easy purchase. I record mine in my phone, so whenever I feel like buying a new top or dress, I can just click click click and checkout! This is (to me) worst than going window shopping, cos I tend to buy on impulse!

For Movies and Entertainment

I cannot remember when was the last time I went for a movie date with my husband. The last time I caught one was Frozen on my iPad with my girl. I've started buying HD movies from iTunes store for those titles which I know I will watch a few times. As for those feel good movies, well, we all know there's always *cough* ways to get them. Though I strongly discourage that. We should pay for quality movies!

For Arts and Luxury Wants
Recently I was introduced to a new online Art gallery/ store and I fell in love with it! Browsing through the site can be rather therapeutic on a stressful day. I'm eyeing a few pieces from Art Loft but I can't decide where I can display them at home yet. If you have an empty wall in your house, why not check out the pieces at Art Loft?

Do you have a favorite online store which I should check out too? Share with me on our Facebook Page.