"All Toys Are Food" - NOT! (Handmade Eco-friendly Toys for Babies and Toddlers)

What's so yummy that Baby Zara cannot stop sucking and biting?

Take a closer look...

That's NOT food! But to babies below 1, everything you give them ends up in their mouth! It is hard to be around them all the time so I always make sure things that are within her reach will be safe and clean to be consumed put into the mouth. Our latest new addition to our collection of baby-friendly toys comes from Soopsori.

When I brought home this little box of fun, Ayra was fast to want to find out what was inside. She did her usual "unboxing" routine - open the box, check out any paper or manual in it and then dive into the fun part.

These wooden blocks and parts are from natural wood and natural linseed oil without any chemical coating or paint. It is eco-friendly premium wooden products handcrafted to ensure that babies get to enjoy clean and smooth toys that's suitable for play. And yes even to suck and bite on.

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