Catching Up on The Four Questions Blog Train

One thing about being part of a group of active Mum Bloggers is that one can never be spared from any of these tagging meme or train. Few days after I saw this train going on, I received a message from Cherie to ask if I would like to board this forever-on-going train.

Somehow now, I feel like this is similar to a chain letter from long long long time ago, just that there is no death threat imposed if one choose not to continue the chain.

Here are my answers to the four questions...

1. What am I working on?

This is a very challenging question for me as I am constantly working on many things at the same time and before any of them is complete, more things will role into my area of scope. At this point, I am working full time as the Marketing Manager of LIV3LY, a sports and lifestyle platform. Also helping out a friend with testing and implementing his system. And there is also a commitment made to help partners of The Loving Mum bring better engagements with fellow bloggers.

Work aside, I am constantly working on building a stronger and better relationship with my family. Finding ways to make our life more fulfilling and wholesome. That's one of the reasons why I started this blog.

2. How does my work differ from others in its genre?

Hmm... I don't think there are much difference, perhaps I am a little more tech savvy? Before I became a "Mummy blogger" I was labelled as a "tech blogger" and I kinda missed those days where I got to play with new gadgets every other month and attend product launches whenever I like to. These days, before I accept an invitation for an event or chance to review something, I have to twice to see if it will affect my routine with my family or whether or not I will ever find time to blog about it.

3. Why do I write what I do?

I used to write more work related stuff over at The Claudia Post, where I share experiences as a blogger, and also as the lady boss of an agency engaging bloggers. I was fortunate to be able to forge relationship with many others who were actively growing the local blogging and social media scene through my blog. It was also through blogging where I started my own company and ran it for four years, being my own boss, with my own team and office, it was one of the most memorable years for me. The things I learned and experienced gained is priceless. If given a chance to do it again, I will. For now, stability and family comes first.

4. How does my writing process work?

I write how I speak, but I prefer writing more as there is room for correction and checks. For this blog, I will usually upload photos of events or days I want to record within 48hours from shooting, then a draft will be created with title and all images I want to publish. Then these drafts will just stay as draft till I have time to fill in the details. Sometime it takes only that very same day to have a few drafts scheduled but most of the time, it'll take me weeks before I have time to work on them. Not the best way to maintain a blog like that. So don't take my process as a template ok.

Now that you read my not-so-logically-sounding answers to these questions, let's (hopefully) continue this train next week with the following friends of mine...

Patrick from

I first met Patrick three years back when he was engaged as a blogger for a project my company was working on. Fast forward two years and we became neighbors from the same estate, and he is coincidentally the RC Chairman for my estate! Though we rarely get to meet, but he is the one guy whom I respect in his effort to make his community better through genuine engagement and conversation. Read about his journey with his three kids and beautiful wife on

Nick from

Nick is one of the first Punggol bloggers I knew from way back, and he is also one of the pioneers I know who started blogging before it got picked up. He was also the first Daddy Blogger I know who started a blog for each of his three girls; though we only met a few times since about 10 years ago when we first met at one of his community BBQ, I watched his girls and family evolved through his blog, Facebook and Instagram! Nick is also one of the web guy whom I respect. Wish one day we will get to collaborate somehow. :)

Lucian from

The other web guy whom I respect! Lucian is a wordsmith, he seldom pen his thoughts on his blog, but when he do, it's gold. Dad to three kids and a very important job. He has shared several times that he wished very much to become his own boss one day, hope one day he will.

Hope the three Daddy bloggers will try to continue this train... even if it's just answering the 4 questions above, cos I would really love to read them.