First Canvas Painting with Ayra

Ayra was very particular of keeping her hands clean since young. To encourage her to learn that it is sometime ok to get our hands dirty, we did some canvas painting together. Instead of trying to help her accept the process of getting her hands dirty, I ended up trying to prevent her from creating too big a mess! I'd forgotten that she was already exposed to paint and colors in school. It was a messy kind of fun that evening.

I bought the set of paint from Ikea, and cause I couldn't find brushes around the house, we tried painting with plastic fork, spoon, straw and fingers!

Everything looked fine till she started using black paint!

She got a little over when I told her to squeeze the colors directly on her canvas.

Creating her masterpiece... Chaos by Ayra...

We ended with paint all over our clothes, hands, face, on the table, on the floor and chair and also surrounding toys and other stuff. But the 45 minutes of just Mummy and Daughter play time is so enjoyable. I will consciously remember to do more of these activities with Ayra and Zara whenever I can.