Zara at 9 months

Learned to clap her hands

Learned to wave her hands, bounce on her bottom and moves with rhythms

And her latest "trick" is to do the hand-kiss!

She also had her first joy ride at 9 months!

With her fast forward development (according to the Kid's health booklet development progress), she will be running around the house soon!

This little girl is crawling and zooming around the house whenever she has the opportunity!

This girl is growing up so so fast. Seeing her few times a week only makes it even faster in perspective. Every week when we bring her home, she show us new skills and what she've got up her sleeves. Approaching the 10 months mark, she is already learning to verbalize and repeat what we are telling her. Sometimes I can make up words like JieJie, MaMa, Milk, MumMum (referring to food) and she even tried mimic our expressions.

Zara dear, Mummy misses you every day. We will have a lot more time together soon ok. Love you!