Garfield Run 2014 - The Girls first Fun Run

Last weekend we ended our first 3KM Fun Run together! The run itself was quite fun for us all. The girls were in high spirit, especially Ayra who had been chanting "Ayra want to go Garfield Run!" since two days before the event day.

But we were there too early, arrived at 4ish while our flag-off was at 6.30pm. Not knowing what to expect, we didn't quite enjoy the long wait and the different waves at the flag-off. Before we even reached the Start point, the first two groups in the same category were already back!

But Ayra did have fun running around against the wind and showing us her tail...

The queue to enter the flag-off point was rather cramp, with many prams and other participants. Poor girls in pram were sweating due to the none existence of wind during flag-off.

The 3KM Fun Run was the most popular category that evening.

We brisk walked most of the 3KM, with occassion chase/ run with the girls. At the second water point after the U-turn, we took a break and hydrated.

Been years since I last went for a jog, that evening was quite a challenge! And I was in the wrong pants and shoes! I really should get myself a pair of running shoes and proper running shorts soon. Just cos I think I will have more time soon to take things at my own pace, with more leisure time I hope to get some exercise routine going with my family.

Being our first mass run event, I have to say the experience was alright. Next time, we should not arrive more than an hour before our designated flag-off time, and we should make sure we have got fans on standby if the kids are tagging along.

Thank you Pink Apple for organising and we look forward to more fun (evening) runs with our family!