5 Things We Did at Dinosaurs: Dawn To Extinction Exhibition

Sometime I feel that I'm such a lousy parent. Had promised to bring Ayra to see Dinosaurs since June, but we only did it cause it was the final 3 days before it ended. It was a nice family outing with just the elder girl. She loves to receive our 100% attention with alone time. Remembering this day with 5 things we did together at Dinosaurs: Dawn To Extinction Exhibition.

Augmented Reality

We played with our phones! Throughout the exhibiting venue, there were markers for us to scan with their mobile app. At one of the point, we got to see dinosaurs around us through the phone. Ayra was searching high and low for them in reality after we showed her what was on the phone.

See Dinosaurs

Of course, there are many many dinosaurs, mostly replicas. Still it was quite an eye opener for Ayra. Her first experience with a dinosaur was at the previous exhibition we went at ArtScience Museum too.

The feeling inside when I saw her looking at the exhibits is so hard to describe. I wonder what she's thinking about and will you still remember these fun moments we shared when she grows up.

We peeped into holes, opened and closed flaps and took silly selfies...

Dinosaur Puzzles

This we spent the most time at during our visit. Ayra managed to complete two of the three puzzles on her own. Seeing her putting them in place piece by piece makes me a proud mama.

Touched Dinosaur Skin

Ya, I got her to touch the "skin" on display. Reluctant at first, but eventually overcame her fear to explore new things.

Make Our Own Dinosaur Shadow Puppet

At the end of the exhibit, we sat and did our own shadow puppet dinosaur! Ayra and Ayah did the work, I only stood to snap photos and helped cut out the pieces.

And so you can see, Ayra still need lots of practice holding pens (still discovering which is her master hand) and a lot of practice coloring!

Wonder what will be our next adventure at the ArtScience Museum. Hopefully Zara will be able to walk together and have fun with us then.