Zara is One!

I love you more than you know.
I miss you so much everyday.
I missed more than half of your first growing up years.
I am going to make up for it from now forward.
We are going to spend more time together.
I promise.

See how much you have grown in your first year!

Zara is 1 month young

29 Oct - Zara is 2mth young

29 Nov 2013 - Zara is 3 months!

29 Dec 2013 - Zara is 4 month!
Zara at 5 month

1 March 2014 - Zara at 6 month

Zara at 7 month

Zara at 8 month

1 June 2014 - Zara at 9+ month

Zara at 10 month

Zara at almost 12 month

Zara at 12 month

Happy Birthday My Lovely Baby!

Love you,