Reasons why we rather pay more for toys

I am a shopaholic, especially when buying things for my girls. I used to buy something new (big or small) for Ayra every week, when we had only one child. And we ended up with many different types of toys, books, stationery etc around the house.

When Zara came along, I felt that the purpose and value of play has changed. I tend to think more before buying something for the girls.

When Ayra shown interests in playing with pots and pans, we bought her small packs of toy utensils and food, then we had a tiny plastic kitchen, followed by a bigger play kitchen from her Uncle. Right from the beginning, when I'd wanted to set up her playroom, the wooden IKEA play kitchen was what I wanted to get. But tagged at more than $100, we didn't. And look at her kitchen play area now...

Sep 2014 - Play @ Home

Yes! We should have gotten that right from the beginning, and would have saved more money from buying the other plastic none durable play kitchen!

And then there was the time when we wanted to introduce building blocks to Ayra, instead of Duplo, we bought the mega blocks which was fraction end of the price of Duplo. But the mega blocks doesn't stack as well and playing with it, the whole feel and creativity just isn't what I had hoped for. After the first set, we stopped and started investing on a mini set of Duplo, thanks to the Grandma.

When Ayra shown interests in stacking and building with these bricks, our collection of bricks grew too. On her third birthday, she received three sets from the mother, me! I just couldn't help it! Even the younger sister received her first set of Duplo for her 1st birthday.

2015 August - Celebrating Zara 1st and Ayra 3rd Birthday

2015 August - Celebrating Zara 1st and Ayra 3rd Birthday

With more bricks come greater creations!

August 2014 - Lego Fun

Lego buying tips:
The best time to buy Lego is during Robinsons card member sale preview, with the discount vouchers for collective purchases, that's the only time (I think) when u get good dollars off these bricks! But their collection is not as extensive of cos.

After countless impulse purchases of cheap toys that didn't quite get as much play time, including those irresistible deals on AliExpress by the Ayah which are of super bad quality and make, we stopped buying just any toys. We make sure the toys are of good quality and is safe for the girls. We get toys that can be played together like building houses with Duplo bricks for Ayra's Peppa Pig collection, add in a wooden playhouse that fits Duplo pieces and our figurine collection, Tomica cars and play sets that can be combined with all the rest of the houses etc.

Combo play of Duplo bricks and Tomica car set

Sep 2014 - Play @ Home

Due to the increase in new toys and massive play sets that we've been getting, the girls' playroom went through a small reshuffling again! Will share about it in another post.