Things To Consider When Catering A Buffet

Here's another quick Mum's Hack!

I used to run events and gathering very often when I was running my own company. Back then I was tempted to start a site to allow others to compare, review and order directly with the best caterers that fits their budget and needs. Of course, nothing was done as I was too lazy. Got to know about this useful site through a friend and it was at great timing as I was planning to throw a small party for my two girls.

Hack No. 1 - Set a budget

Always plan an event or party with a budget, else be prepared to get stuck at deciding what to order and get for it. For catering, I'm glad to see a search by budget function at Foodline.

Foodline Search by Budget

Hack No. 2 - Shortlist a few based on budget

Once you find caterers that falls within your set budget, clean up the list further with personal preferences, e.g. is it halal, type of food they served, etc. Sometimes Hack No. 3 may come into play here too.

Hack No. 3 - Read reviews

I am a sucker for reviews, be it for catering, hotel booking or travel itinerary, I always make sure I do my homework with Google Search and asking around on my social networks for recommendations. Word of mouth works for me. There should be more websites that does real reviews of products and services that is easily searched and referred. Catering Reviews

Thank you for rewarding users who ordered through Foodline, to post and share their reviews. This is very useful.

Hack No. 4 - Search for any special promotions

Once you have decided which caterer you want to go with for your buffet, now is the time to use your search power. Use search terms that gives you useful results - instead of searching catering promotions in Singapore, try "(insert) caterer's name buffet promotions", yes together with the quotation marks to search for the phrase instead of by single words. Alternatively, FoodLine usually has got the best promotions with different caterers throughout the year, check their Promotions page for latest discounts!

Hack No. 5 - Pick out caterer's namecards

Whenever you have opportunities to attend an event, pick out the namecards if you like what you ate. Caterers usually place their brochures and namecards near the cutleries for guests. You'll never know when these will come in useful.

There you have it, the 5 hacks to consider when catering a buffet. Can give a try when searching for catering providers.

Below are shots of my mini buffet catered from BellyGood by TungLok, indeed it was Belly Good! My family and guests enjoyed the food. Even Baby Zara had a good portion of fried noodles, spinach and mushrooms!

FoodLine Catering of BellyGood by TungLok

Food was delivered in nice warmer/cooler bags which we got to keep. Dishes were still warm and ready to eat without the need to heat up. And the chilled dessert was just nice too. Just that the packet drinks weren't chilled yet, so some quick freezing in the freezer required to serve.

FoodLine Catering of BellyGood by TungLok

The disposable plastic containers used for food were decent and not damaged nor soiled with food sauces. Food were nicely and securely wrapped with cling foil to prevent spillage during delivery.

FoodLine Catering of BellyGood by TungLok

Overall the food was yummy except for a few misses like the Chicken Ngoh Hiang which were unlike how I had imagined it with crispy fried beancurd skin, and the Prawn with Oat Cereal would have been better if prawn was deshelled (cos lazy to peel!). Will order from BellyGood again for next buffet.

The mini buffet catering was for a mini family party for my two girls, Ayra's 3rd (a super early one) and Zara's 1st birthday (a week in advance).

FoodLine Catering of BellyGood by TungLok

Find a suitable caterer for your event or celebration at and get Cash Rewards for reviewing. They credit the review rewards almost instantly after I submitted my review here. To be entitled for review rewards, you can make your catering orders directly through

Disclaimer: The Loving Mum was provided a cash discount with a caterer of my choice from for the purpose of trying out the site service and function. All opinions and content are my own.