The Final Call

What will you do when your final call is near? When you know the final departure is fast approaching, with yet an unknown countdown clock. The wait for this final call is filled with pain, sorrow and much exhaustion. For everyone.

It had been a few scares since a few months ago, with frequent admissions to the hospital. When the phone rang, usually in the day, our heart misses a beat. But on Sunday morning, when a call came in at 3.30am, my heart stopped for the split seconds. She was in her final battle, the one before the final departure. With drips and morphine injected into her system, she won the battle to be well again for two more days just so she can spend more time with her family. When I visited her on Monday afternoon, she didn't seem as bad as I was told, in fact she even managed to crack a joke to make everyone around her laugh. I was relieved to see her well. But that night, when his aunt called with choking voice, he knew that the earlier visit was a sign.

"Often a day or two or even a few hours before death, the person has a surge of energy, wakes up, becomes alert, can sometimes eat or talk and can spend some quality time with loved ones. This is a very special time for final spiritual practices and mental preparations, which can be shared with loved ones if it is the dying persons wish. This is a very precious time because it normally doesn't last long, as most people become unconscious (unresponsive) hours or days before they stop breathing." - The unexpected alertness

It was the second night when everyone was called down to the hospital, to be by her side.

Refusing to let go just yet, she held on for one more day. With no morphine in her body, she was living at peace.

This morning at 3.00am, when the phone rang, we both knew it was the final call. She has gone to a better place, with no pain. At complete peacefulness.

Rest in Peace, Grandma to my dear husband.