Toys Craze: Shopkins Small Mart Playset

I've never seen nor heard about them before until Ayra introduced this cute innocent looking shopping basket to me during our visit to Robinsons at Heeren. It was between buying this $4.95 blind bag toy for her vs $69.90 Peppa Pig House so we can move out of the toys department at Robinsons, of course I paid for the cheaper option. If only I knew what can of worm I opened that day!

Since then, her YouTube video selection has included these cute little characters of lipstick, cabbage, apple, pies, comb and all 150 characters from Season 1 of Shopkins. Oh boy! Of cos we'll not be collecting them all! But I do see at least the collection growing a little more than 10 pieces at least over the next few weeks. Just look at that cheekiness in her smile when posing with her new playset from Grandma!

Ayra with her Shopkins Small Mart Playset

$39.90 from Metro.


This is the unboxing, first look and first play video I made with Ayra on the night of purchase.

Got to stop letting her discover new toys from YouTube. In the past when I was a kid, I was introduced to the latest coolest toys on TV commercial, and back then, we rarely get to find out more about these toys beyond that few seconds on TV. Now with YouTube, and all the famous toy review channels, Ayra is easily influenced and attracted to new toys after watching how these grown up toy reviewers make playing with these toys so fun and imaginative. Ayra does pick up some positiveness from these videos, like learning to role-play with her toys, mixing and matching different toys to play and learning to create imaginary conversations. If only there is a way for me to allow only a pre-selected list of YouTube videos for her to watch.

Ayra with her newest favourite toys for the season.

Anyone of you collecting these Shopkins characters and has got spare to trade? Get in touch will you? Thanks!