Christmas Workshop for Kids at BlueTree Education

What better way to introduce Christmas to a child than with engaging stories, hands-on activities, acting it out and fun crafting?! Ayra had quite a blast skipping her usual playgroup classes for an entire week while attending a Christmas Workshop with BlueTree Education.

Some of the highlights from the 5 day workshop for Ayra include...

Learning her directions of Up, Down, Left, Right and North, South, East and West.

She has better sense of left and right now! No joke! Learning through play is the best for kids.

Getting to cut and cut and cut with scissors.

And she is now able to cut following the lines! Thought not neat and perfect, but still a good improvement. Super proud of this little 3 year old.

Assembling her first snow globe!

This craft is so fun and easy to make. I hope to find time these two weeks to make some with Ayra as Christmas gifts for the family.

Just look at how intense those eyes are when she saw her finished globe.

All the kids cannot take their eyes off their snow globes. Just too fun and pretty!

Getting to meet and sit on Santa's lap

She was so engrossed in meeting the Santa and responded to his questions willingly, not a common thing from the usually shy Ayra.

Finally, the best part of the workshop for her is probably getting to meet Isadore and Xavier. These two boys showered Ayra with so much attention and care throughout the 5 days in class. Ayra being the youngest student, these two big brothers were trying their best to help ease her into the activities and guiding her around. Thanks boys for the TLC given!

A group shot of the class and teachers with Santa

Though it was just 5 days of 3 hour session spent with the elder boys in class and three wonderful teachers - Teacher Mabel, Teacher Liz and Teacher Diana, Ayra did learn new things and has been implementing what she has observed in class into her conversations with me. And she is able to recall stories and new words she learned, when driving home on the last day, she was stuffing her teddy bear, sewing it up while doing the actions. These were taught on the fourth day in the workshop. I'm pleased and very happy this shy little girl, though did not participate 100% in class, her quiet observations did show some learning. Guess this girl is a true virgo - shy and observant in nature.

If you like what you see here, there are still a few more slots available for the workshop at BlueTree Education. Get in touch with them to find out more! Workshops are fully booked.

More photos from the workshop can be found on The Loving Mum page on Facebook...



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