How to pick the most suitable type of paint for your walls?

Now that we have selected the colours for our playroom, its now time to find the right paint for it. Yes! You read it right, there are different types of paint to choose from! Let me help break them down for you into everyday scenes at home...

To create a brighter and spacious-looking rooms

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Living in a new HDB flats or even a private condominium means small rooms and space in the house. With the right type of paint, you can create an illusion of bigger rooms. Dulux Light & Space with Lumitec technology reflects up to twice as much light than normal emulsion wall paint hence enhances the perception of a brighter and larger space.

For those with creative kids or people with clumsy hands

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Dulux Wash & Wear with KidProof Technology effectively repels tough stains, making cleaning easy. It delievers optimum washability and keeps colours beautiful and fresh! To remove most household stains just wipe it off with a wet cloth and little bit of gentle detergent. Often Wash & Wear paint is associated with kids in the household, but this type of paint is also very useful for use around the house. Especially true in the kitchen walls and walls near the dining area, where sauces and drinks can get spilled and dirtied the wall.

When painting our house 2 years ago, we opted to use the Dulux Wash & Wear paint and I'm so glad we did! Once we had a buffet line setup in the house, there were much sauces left on our walls after the caterer removed the setup. These stains were easily cleaned off with wet cloth and some dish washing detergent. One reason why most buffet lines are setup along the corridor! (Silly us!)

You know how sometimes you will doubt what the commercials on TV show you and you just need to test it out on your own to believe that it works? Here's the demonstration video for Dulux Wash & Wear from YouTube, and after that, a video I captured during a real life demo which I witnessed. And it really makes a lot of difference with KidProof Technology!

Live demo of KidProof technology paint
To prove that the KidProof technology in Dulux Wash & Wear really works, we were showed a real demo. You can see how the two sides of the paint are different when cola is spilled onto it. One side the cola slides off without sipping into the paint, while the other side absorbs almost immediately when spilled onto, and this confirm cannot clean off loh! No prize for guessing which one is painted with Dulux Wash & Wear.

Then there is this video... which will make all parents go "Ohhhh... nooo....!!!" then smile with a "It's ok" look.

There is no need to even consider the type of paint in our case. Since we are painting our kids playroom, 100% I will go with Dulux Wash & Wear paint with the new KidsProof technology.

Get fresher air at home

Made possible with Dulux Pure, formulated with air cleansing properties which neutralises formaldehyde (a common indoor air pollutant) to transforms rooms into a refreshing environment.

Ideal for the living area in the house or a relaxing corner.

For those who wants everything in

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Then the total solution for your interior walls is Dulux ALL paint. With superior toughness, antic-bacterial, Colourguard technology which keeps colours looking fresh longer, it is also washable and easy cleaning, low odour paint with mould and fungus resistance capability and of course it is also friendly to our environment.

For easy reference, here's a chart comparing the types of paint available in Dulux product range.

I hope this post has been useful! There are many brands of paint available in the market, but being a user of Dulux paint all these years (from my parent's place of 11 years to our own home) I would recommend to give their paint a try. And utilise their free consultation service to help plan for your colours.

For professional paint work, Dulux Painting service is worth considering too. Pay a package price and get all the following services for fuss free painting of your house.

  • Pre-paint site inspection - *yes they really do come to your place to check the walls and conditions*

  • Professional advice - *the painter even shared how we could keep mould out of our rooms!*

  • **Utmost care assured for your furniture and belongings**

  • 1 year warranty for paint defects. *Terms and conditions apply.*

  • Free colour consultation - *Super useful! Check out our experiences here.*

Will share more about our painting experience with Dulux Painting service in 2 weeks time. Follow our transformation and hope you will like what we did. Do vote for us when the voting begins from 8 to 14 December 2014.


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