Now you can have dates in your baby's diet too

My husband has been strongly encouraging the family to consume dates (fruit) daily as it is a very good source of nutrients and dietary supplement. He would buy and store the dried date fruits at home for us to enjoy. We have not tried feeding any of these dried dates to Zara yet afraid she might not be able to digest it well. But now she can too enjoy the goodness of dates in her cereal.

Dates provide a wide range of essential nutrients, and are a very good source of dietary potassium. The sugar content of ripe dates is about 80%; the remainder consists of protein, fiber, and trace elements including boron, cobalt, copper, fluorine, magnesium, manganese, selenium, and zinc. - via Source

Nestle CERELAC Wheat & Honey Dates

Nestlé CERELAC® has incorporated a brand new flavour with dates into infant cereal with milk, a unique feat unparalleled by other infant cereals in the market. Infants from the age of 8 months old can now benefit from the nutritional value of delicious dates.

Nestlé CERELAC® Wheat, Honey and Dates caters to taste buds, but also fulfils the daily recommended intake for an 8 month old child. According to Health Promotion Board’s recommended daily allowances, a 6–12 month old infant needs 400mg of calcium and 7mg of iron. A bowl of Nestlé2 | P a g e CERELAC®Wheat, Honey and Dates meets 45% of your child’s daily calcium intake and over 50% of your child’s daily iron intake in just one serving with fortified vitamin A and C.

Nestlé CERELAC® is the only infant cereal with BIFIDUS BL probiotics that help to fight against harmful bacteria in an infant’s digestive system. Unique to infant cereals, Nestlé CERELAC® contains Cereals Hydrolyzed Enzymatically (CHE) which helps to break down carbohydrates into smaller parts for easy digestion. Nutritious cereals contain 12 vitamins and 5 minerals to support your infant’s growth and development, offering natural goodness derived from wheat and honey. Delicious dates add texture to your child’s meal and aids in satisfying his/her urge to chew at the weaning stage of development. Dates are also beneficial to a nutritious, balanced diet and provide energy for your growing little ones.

Here's a close up of Nestlé CERELAC® Wheat, Honey and Dates cereal...

So we tested the new cereal with Zara over the weekend. It did help with her digestive system and it was a smoother process for her that night, even with just a few spoonful of cereal that morning. She usually had to cry in pain when going through the you-know-what-process daily.

The look of Zara at first taste of the cereal was too cute not to share!

Zara didn't want to take in anymore after a few small scoops of the cereal. She is starting to resists cereal (even her usual since she was 4 months) already as she prefers adult food at 14 months. Yes! Adult food! That's why the digestive problem! Got to try again with Nestlé CERELAC® Wheat, Honey and Dates a few more times to get her to eat at least a little everyday to help improve her digestive system.

Nestlé CERELAC® Wheat, Honey and Dates is available at all leading stores at a retail price of $5.50 per 250g pack.