Let's Cruzee! The balancing bike for toddlers

I first heard about Cruzee bike from Summer's blog and thought it was quite a cool learning bike for Ayra. But the price was a little high then since I didn't have a stable income back then. Then earlier this year, I saw Cruzee bike again at OCBC Cycle race pack collection expo and they were having a promotion. I felt it, carried it, and examined it in detail asking many questions and I bought it.

Cruzee balancing bike for toddlers

Since then, Ayra has only tried cruzee-ing on it around the house, and was literally pushing and walking with it instead of balancing. Only after a few months I started to bring Ayra outdoor to give her more space to try learning to balance with it. Up till today, she is still not confident enough to push and lift up her legs from the ground, afraid she might fall. We will continue to let her try and hopefully one day she will be able to balance on it on her own and build up her self confidence.

It's about learning to balance and building her self confidence when riding.
When her grandfather insisted (after I bought the bike) that I should have bought a regular paddle bike with training wheels, I had a hard time convincing him that this is better. Regular paddle bike though easy for her to sit on and play with, but she would not want to paddle too which then defeats the purpose of getting her a new bicycle since she already has got a little tikes tricycle. Cruzee is much lighter than most paddle bike with training wheels which makes it so much easier for Ayra to maneuverer around on her own. She can easily carry the bike from the storing space and start using it without help from us.

Cruzee balancing bike for toddlers

Cruzee balancing bike for toddlers

I must admit, getting the Cruzee for Ayra was an impulsive buy, but I believe it is a good investment for her to learn to balance on two wheels and also to help improve her confidence when she is ready to learn paddle riding on a two-wheel bike in future.

Cruzee balancing bike for toddlers

Cruzee is a no-pedal run bike for children age 1 to 6 yrs old. Cruzee balance bikes are super light weight (1.9kg) with adjustable seat and handlebars that can grow with the child. We are loving our Cruzee balance bike hence we invited Cruzee Singapore to join in spreading of some Christmas cheers!

Thanks to Cruzee Singapore we have got the red Cruzee for our readers. And the lucky reader who's receiving this in our 12 Days of Giftaway is...

Congrats to Roger!

We will be in touch with you soon via email. Hope your kids will enjoy this Cruzee balancing bike!

Cruzee balancing bike is available for purchase at Cruzee Singapore, retailing at $195 each.

And with this final gift, we concluded our 12 Days of Christmas Gifting for #TLMGiftaway! Thank you all for your support and participation in our first giveaway of this almost massive scale. The Loving Mum had enjoyed planning, executing and preparing for this giftaway and we hope we will be able to share more awesome stuff with your in 2015!