Penang 2014 - Sights, Colours and Street Art Around Penang

Before our trip to Penang, I read a lot about the many interesting sights, colours and street arts around Penang. I even had some of the must-see places marked before our trip. But when we were there, we kinda lost track of time and my plan was kinda messed up. Still we managed to spot some interesting street art and sights as we roamed around the streets aimlessly, going wherever our feet brought us. It was quite an experience we had.

If you have never been to Penang and is wondering how the place generally looks like, here are some photos for your reference.

People and Buildings around Penang

Nice vintage store at Georgetown

The things in there are quite pretty and nice for gifts. If I was in there some 10 years ago, I would properly walk out with quite a lot of stuff to give as gifts. But now with family to support, I stopped buying unnecessary things when I'm traveling. Yes, that means no more pretty gifts for family and friends. :P

Art along Streets of Penang

Interesting painting and illustrations are plentiful around Georgetown. If you do not have a map or street art guide with you, be sure to look around everywhere you walk, especially along small and back alleys cos you'll never know what you will discover! Look up, down, left, right and all around!

Everywhere where there are street art like these, you will see tourists waiting and hanging around just to wait for their chance to take a shot with the illustration. We were too lazy and so I just snap when I can, and if there is no clean view for the art, then I'll just walk away.

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