Zara's first experience with sand

Ayra was 17 months young when we first brought her to a sand pit. I will never forget the reaction Ayra gave when she felt sand on her feet for the first time. We still watch the video some times together and Ayra would say proudly she's no longer afraid of sand.

One weekend we brought the girls to Changi Beach for some sand play, and I was all ready to capture the reaction by Zara when she first touched sand, this little one is too cool lah. She just walked steadily across the sand pit with no issue at all. She was very eager to get her hands into the sand too.

And the big sister, Ayra, was no longer afraid of getting dirty in the sand pit. She even poured an entire bucket of sand onto her own lap!

Ayra had sand on her face, all over the hair, in her pants and everywhere. I was more disturbed than she was, and I kept trying to help dust the sand away for her.

Just when we thought Zara was loving the sand, she started crying when she accidentally spilled sand onto her feet! She was fast to stop her cry when we cleaned it off, and very fast starting another cry when she did it again. We couldn't help but laugh at the funny things these girls do to themselves without knowing what or why things are happening like that. It was quite an enjoyable evening at the beach, except the part when we forgot the time and Zara was too hungry she started screaming for milk.

Next time must bring timer or set alarm when we are out enjoying time together.