This Is Me.

Coincidentally I was just at a launch yesterday with the tag #thisisme and today I have to do this post to fully disclose who I am and what I do, because not everyone that is reading this blog and in the communities I am (or used to be just a day before) know me for who I am. So this is me being transparent with my history is this whole blogging community I have been committed to since 2007.

The timeline below documents the things I did and the things I am doing now. All these community commitments were done with hope to help shape and grow together with no money was earned but lots of time and energy put in.

Why did I do it? Because I enjoy gathering like-minded people together to share knowledge and experiences. Because these events help provide a networking platform for passionate people in the community. Because I really enjoy doing what I am doing.

If you want to know what did pay me for the things I do, take a look at my Linkedin profile.