So you want to blog?

Blogging is getting way more accessible and easy to start now as compared to more than 13 years ago where I started. It was GeoCities that got me started back then and then to Blogspot (Now Blogger) and with help from few friends online, I migrated to WordPress and never turned back.

The list of blogging platforms available now is overwhelming. Besides the pioneering ones listed above, there’s GhostMediumSvbtle and Silvrback, just to name a few. Trend now is focusing on your writing with minimum distraction.

Wait! Focus on writing?

Yes! Blog as defined here is… “A discussion or informational site published online, consisting of posts displayed in reverse chronological order…” But with the transformation and blurring of traditional print media and online digital publishers, blog can now be more than just a personal channel. If done right, any individual or group can become a respected or popular publisher online.

But it is really not that simple.

Read Smith’s take on how being a blogger is tougher than you thinkWacky Duo’s Dad guide to becoming a Daddy Blogger and my personal take on bloggers outreach from many years ago (but still very much relevant in today’s context). The sound of being a blogger is almost glamorous for some, but in reality it is a rather dirty and exhausting “extra-curriculum activity” unless you are doing it full-time and earning good advertising dollars and sponsorship from it.

Some of these hard work include:

  • Time spent attending media events.

  • The lousy feeling when treated like second-class media at events.

  • The many sleepless night spent editing photos, drafting the posts and sharing it to get readers to read and appreciate your hard work.

  • The many email bouncing between PR/ advertising agencies to get a giveaway or campaign finalised.

  • The effort in planning the giveaway mechanics, setting it up, picking, verifying and contacting the winner for a giveaway.

  • Replying to comments, emails and enquiries from readers, sometimes with need to check back with the brand or agency for answers etc.

  • The guilty feeling of spending too much time on the blog instead of real full-time job, family or school work.

For the young and energetic youths, you may feel that the above may not be relevant to you; or you think that it takes just a tap of the fingers on your keyboard to get media invites, advertisers or sponsors for your newly setup blog, then be prepared to reach the “Blogger burnout” faster than you can pronounce the longest name for a place in Wales – “Llanfairpwllgqyngyllgogerychwydrobwllllantysiliogogogoch”.

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