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Party Styling and Dessert Tables in Singapore

Party planning for kids these days is no longer a simple affair, at least not for those who can and are willing to splurge to create Instagram-worthy memories for their children. Whenever I see these pretty and awesome parties images in Singapore, I wished I could throw one for my girls one day. But for now, we do not have that many little children friends to invite, so I still have got a couple more years to save up to hire one of these awesome party styling teams.

Here are 5 of my favorite children party styling teams so far...

Stitch X Marker

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The girlfriends just started this new business, first saw them on @ripplesim (one of the two partners) IG account of her girl's birthday party at the park. Then they recently did a train theme indoor party with handmade trains and amazing backdrops! Follow them on Instagram for more creations to come and check out their website.

Milk and Honey Party

Just the sound of delicious edible sand covering an entire beach filled with cute sea creature biscuits is enough to get me drooling to give them a go for a children's party. Find them on

Hokey Pokey

Yes, the indoor playground many of us is probably familiar with does party styling too and they do have quite a great varieties in their portfolio. Follow them on Instagram for more, and visit their site at

Colour It Sweet

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Specializing in custom dessert tables, which are impeccably designed with delectable and gorgeous looking desserts and drinks that will leave a sweet touch to your event. They do provide full party styling too. Check them out at

Red Carousel

They are all about stylish parties! Find party printables, on-trend partyware, DIY party crafts and props for hire on their website. And they provide limited slots for party styling, dessert tables, and custom cakes. Find them on

Hope this post is helpful for you. If you do have any other awesome party styling or dessert table stylist to recommend, please do leave them in the comments below.