Photo Organisation 101 - Backup with My Passport Wireless

As I grow older (and wiser) my memories of the past, even if it was just a few weeks back, is blurred and almost forgotten. That is why I capture almost all of these memories in frames. Photos and videos on my iPhone and my Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II both combines to too many gigabytes of precious memories I would NEVER want to lose. So I backup, backup and BACKUP! Yes in multiple devices, online and offline. Because I have lost almost all the photos and videos of 2010 and earlier due to a broken external hard disk drive, I never dare to just have one copy of these.

I have a systematic flow for backing up, storing and use of my photos and videos. I thought this would be something useful for parents like myself, I've decided to start this new topic which I will cover photo organisation tips and tricks, from how to go about protecting your digital assets, to how you can create a better flow to organise the photos etc. Today I shall start with one of the new toy which is on my to-buy list of gadgets - Western Digital My Passport Wireless portable hard drive.

Thanks to the good people at Western Digital, I got to learn about this probably a must-have for geeky mum or mom like myself. WD My Passport Wireless built-in SD card slot is the key feature that attracted my attention. It allows you to transfer photos and videos from your SD card any where any time so that you can keep on shooting say when traveling.

One of my backup process now is to plug in my SD card into my macbook then drag the folders of photos and videos into an external hard drive for backup. With WD My Passport Wireless, the process can probably be speed up a little. (Won't know exactly how fast till I try it out myself.)

Other features of the WD My Passport Wireless includes:

  • Wireless save, access and share files (an even internet connection) with multiple devices at the same time.

  • Rechargeable battery that gives up to 6 hours of continuous video streaming and up to 20 hours of standby time.

  • Share and access files securely from your tablet and smartphone with WD's My Cloud mobile app.

  • Wi-Fi password protection for all important files on the drive.

  • Ultra-fast USB 3.0 for faster file transfer of data.

  • Stream media to connected devices.

  • Use it as a Wi-Fi hub to share out internet connection with multiple devices.

You can find out more about WD My Passport Wireless at

While Mummy learns about the features of WD My Passport Wireless, Ayra got her hands into baking her own cookies at little House of dreams.

My Passport Wireless drive is available at selected Singapore retailers and online at the 1TB drive will cost you S$299 and the 2TB at S$399. Anyone wants to buy one for me? Mummy's birthday is in July ok. Thanks! smirks