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"Wow Claudia you look different! What did you do?" from a lady who I last met couple months ago at our club networking lunch.

"Eh you slimmed down! Like really really slimmed leh!" from the lady boss of a cafe I last went a month back with my girls. This was the third time she met me and she noticed! Super pleased with myself can?!

Over the past two weeks, friends and family I met has been telling me I look slimmer and different. I'm very happy they noticed it, my time and effort is paying off well. And I am on the speed up journey towards a slimmer and healthier me!

My progress so far...

I started my slimming routine on 18 May 2015, weighed myself for the first time in almost 2 years. I put on more than 10 kg during my last pregnancy with Zara, the last weigh in was at my final Gynae appointment, weighing 83 kg! Zara was about 3 kg at birth so technically I was 80+kg after popping her.

As I progress a week into my routine, the number just gets smaller... 

When you believe you can. You can! #TLMgetfit

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So what happened? What have I done to myself to lose those fats?

Here's why...

No Time For Exercise And I Did None!

If time and energy allows I would love to workout every week, but I didn't. The only extra "exercise" I did was to walk and climb more stairs. So instead of taking travellators at MRT stations or malls I walked, while on escalator climb on the right side, when there's stairs I climb when I'm not with my girls. So I pretty much didn't try hard enough to enhance my slimming routine with any form of exercise, if I did, the result might have been even better I guess. But really no time!

Controlled Diet

Since two weeks ago, I started cutting down on my diet. Strictly no carbohydrate - rice, noodle, pasta, bread and whatever that contains carb. I also stopped drinking sweetened drinks (my fridge is always well stocked with packet and canned drinks) and hydrate only with water. Instead I introduced lots of vegetables and a portion of white meat for lunch and dinner. Finally I cut down on snacks; I used to consume at least two packets of tidbits or cookies a day because I like to snack while I work, now I snack on cherry tomatoes or a small apple instead. My daily meal in fact looks much better and healthier as compared to what I would usually feed myself with. 

Wait! No carb diet doesn't mean fats are lost! Some will debate that the weight drop is due to lose of water and may not mean that I am losing fats. But hey! My clothes do feel bigger and I managed to wear a very old pair of pants without much effort. So I'm happy this whole slimming routine is working for me. And it's more than water I'm losing, I'm shredding off stubborn fats too!

Slimming Sessions with Absolute Slimming

I have read and seen the effect of traditional slimming methods online for a while and had always wanted to give them a try. The only thing stopping me is the commitment, unsure how many sessions I will need in order to start seeing results. When an opportunity came for me to try out traditional slimming treatment at Absolute Slimming, I jumped into it. And OMG! IT REALLY WORKED! When they say "See result after the first treatment", I really didn't believe much, but it did happen! And I witnessed it myself! I kid you not ok see the comparison below. Left is the day I started my treatment and the right side is me one week later. ONE Week!

"You lazy bum! Slimming sessions are for lazy people."

There's a common misconception that weight loss programs are for lazy people who don't work out, but that's not true! I have tried exercising with controlled diet too but it just didn't work as well as cupping and guasha. I blame my metabolism. When I start eating my usual meals after I lose some weight, the mass returns and once it even doubled!

Based on my understanding, the cupping treatment done on the right acupoints helps suppresses our appetites hence we do not feel hungry even when meal size is greatly reduced during the treatment period. Because your body is being tuned to be more in control with the amount of food required daily, even if you go back to good food after the treatment, your weight will be much, much easier to maintain.

Treatments at Absolute Slimming is done in an hour and the trained therapist will carry out cupping and guasha. Their treatments help increase your metabolism by stimulating your acupoints, which are located in various parts of our body, including your back, stomach, thighs, calves and upper arms. And I noticed that these areas that are treated gets more defined and toned as I progress through my sessions.

With cupping, it tones up everything evenly, especially the stubborn areas like my shoulder, thighs and tummy! By the 4th session onwards, my bottom half starts shrinking – this is not something to take for granted, because the progress is accelerated by proper treatment. Toning of these area with dieting alone is usually an extremely slow process. Personally I never felt this much change ever from my previous dieting routines.

I am at half way through their standard 8 sessions treatment with Absolute Slimming. I will share more about my experience and thoughts about my slimming journey in another post. Will I ever hit 60 kg? The last time I was 60 was some 15 years ago! Very hopeful I am.

Follow me on my journey with regular updates on my Instagram. If you are considering slimming and toning yourself too, go try it with Absolute Slimming, quote my blog at registration and get an extra session free!

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Disclaimer: The Loving Mum is sponsored to slimming sessions with Absolute Slimming for purpose of reviews and experience. All opinions and thoughts are my own.