34 is the new 21 - Living better and fitter with Absolute Slimming

You know how you become an adult officially when your gifted "the key" to life at 21? That's when you feel liberated to do everything differently and experience life as a real grown-up.


Well, that was me 13 years ago. And the photo above, probably the roundest I've been pre-pregnancy, at almost 70kg and those flabby cheeks and arms... and thighs... and tummy... well you get the drift.

Now I'm 34, mother to two beautiful girls and co-founder to Getgo Parents; life couldn't be better right? That's what I thought couple months ago, but now that I've been through #TLMgetfit journey with Absolute Slimming, I think it can get even BETTER and more awesome! Because of my new found confidence and self-awareness, I feel that I can do so much more at 34. Just like what my parents always say "You are still young, go out and fight for your career, fight for your future!".

You know when you watch those reality makeover show on TV where the lady getting transformed is always so emotional and all teary yet excited when she revealed her new self to her family? I thought they really damn drama lah, really that emotional meh? Look better only really mean so much more confidence and different in life meh? Well, now that I've gone through my own mini extreme makeover (well almost lah, except that damn plain face I don't know what to do with it yet), I really do feel the same kind of emotion although less drama than those on TV. With a fitter body and looking better in dresses and clothes really does make one feel more confident! This is almost like giving me a second chance to live life like 21, be able to cheong again!

Slimming has never been in my mind since I popped out a watermelon from my factory. Looking through all the photos I took since 4 years ago, there were just that handful of myself, all the rest were of my two girls. And the reason was because I was just too fat and ugly to even bother to take a shot with my phone. Only when necessary, I'll cameo in the shots. Like the one below just before we enter LEGOland in December last year. OMG! You now know why you don't see photos of me that often in those days right?IMG_5469.JPG

And then there was those days just a few months after the second watermelon was popped, and we headed to Penang for a short getaway. This was the round round me then... look like a maid or not? Wahahahahaha!


All my clothes were loosely fitted for a very good reason. And the pants from my pregnancy days followed me through 4 years in my wardrobe. Until now. It's finally time to get a total wardrobe overhaul!

The now less shy and more confident me is ready to face the world again. Literally. Putting my face and OOTD shots on Instagram, flaunting it like I just don't care (even if it caused others to puke out their lunch); just because I can!


I am truly thankful for this long awaited opportunity to try out and review this slimming plan that works! It's like a dream from a random post I published in 2007. Before I started the program, I was asking what if it didn't work for me? You know how any slimming or dieting plan result differently for individuals. Because of their no result no publish agreement, I went ahead with it. And now because it WORKED for me, I am more than happy to share and share and share about it. If you're wondering, no I am not paid to say any of these ok! 101% all my own opinions and experience.

If you are like me, done with the baby factory and ready to conquer the world again with more confidence and fitter you, give Absolute Slimming a call and ask all the questions you have. If you want some preliminary questions answered, check out my Q&A post here. And you might also want to read what other customers of theirs said about Absolute Slimming here.

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Disclaimer: The Loving Mum is sponsored to slimming sessions with Absolute Slimming for purpose of reviews and experience. All opinions and thoughts are my own.