Open Letter to Agencies Engaging Bloggers

Dear PR Executives, Account Managers, Community Managers and Blogger Agency,

I hope this blog post finds you well. I love your recent mass "Dear Blogger" email sent to me (more than twice for some) and I believe you really would like me to publish your release to help you hit your KPI. But there are some things I felt really upset about and so I'm penning them down here in an open letter. First I would like to thank you for taking time to read this letter, and hopefully you will find it so useful that you will publish it on your blog share it with your teammates and clients. And also to disclaim that this open letter is in no means directed to any particular executive, manager or agency, this is a generic open letter which I hope you would pick up, and help make your next blogger pitch or engagement a more result and relationship oriented one. All points below are based on my personal encounters and by no means representing anyone else other than myself.

1. "Dear Blogger" mass email is really ok

I really do not mind receiving a mass sent email addressing to "Dear Bloggers", "Dear Media", "Dear Friends" or whatever you are starting your email with. What really pissed me off is when I take the effort to reply with an acknowledgement or questions, NO ONE bothered to reply?! Perhaps because you receive too many emails every day and missed mine, or perhaps my little blog here isn't on your A list of bloggers. If that's the case, then please REMOVE MY EMAIL from your blogger list. You know how it feels to be ignored right? Well me too.

2. How do you QC your blogger list? Or it just doesn't matter?

There are perhaps hundreds of bloggers in your list and you probably do not QC your list over time? Perhaps your KPI is just a blinded number of published post and social sharing, while the quality of content or the statistics of the bloggers' social profile aren't important. If you want all your bloggers on your list to treat you nice please do so in return and do your homework.

Say I'm just being jealous or eating sour grapes, but when you expect your bloggers to publish and share your events and promotions, you treat all of them fairly. That includes sending your media kit or media drop to all those you are engaging and not just that selected few and expect everyone to do the same thing for you. Bloggers are not blind you know? We follow each other online you know right?

Oh and you know what's worst? You requesting for our address to deliver a media kit and then nothing came. Stop hurting my feeling please.

3. We don't need to be BFF

You really don't need to know everything about me nor read my blogs, but at least have the decency to remember my face or acknowledge me when I attend your event. Especially if is the first time we are meeting face to face, do not expect me to know how you look like because your face is not plastered in your emails, but mine (and almost all the bloggers) have our face on the blog, Instagram and Facebook. You at least have seen those profiles of ours once right?

4. Engage me at your event

5 years ago, when I was known as a "Tech Blogger" I was better engaged at events. The PR team and even some of the better folks from the brand's team were always taking the initiative to engage everyone in small groups or individually. Starting small talks, sharing about their latest products, and some even know what I was up to during that period and managed to hold a good conversation.

But now, as a Mum blogger, it just doesn't feel that way anymore. The executive or manager representing the brand may not be a parent yet, and probably only know the facts about the brand and products based on factsheets; so engaging with mums may be tricky for them. I believe some parents at the event may have more experiences and knowledge about their product than the executives. But it really is very awkward to be standing or sitting around at an event and everyone from the PR agency or brand is just hovering around instead of trying to get acquainted with us. At some "public" events, often I end up looking like a lost sheep amongst other bloggers, not sure what's going to happen next or what is it that I should be doing. So please, take a little more initiative to engage or give better direction at point of event registration so we know what is expected of us when we are there.

5. Cross check your lists

So you have multiple teams in the same agency handling different accounts and each team have your own set of blogger list which you do not combine nor cross check with one another. When an executive or manager leaves the company, the list do not get handed over properly and then more lists are created. You missed out some good bloggers and you added in some new ones. After a few media drops and emails, you then realise your KPI result is dropping and you wonder why.

I wonder why too.

Picture this: Executive A sent a release for something that fits my blog content, then Executive B sent something that is totally unfit. And few weeks later, Executive C sent something to Blogger Z and left me out of it for something that fits right into my profile. Eventually I choose to ignore all emails received from this agency.

I hope the above 5 points are helpful to you. And I hope you would share it with your readers and followers team too. Oh and if this is the first time you are reading this blog of mine, please find below a short introduction of The Loving Mum.

Best regards,
Mummy C of The Loving Mum


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